Monday, April 14, 2014

My Little Pegasus

Last week, we FINALLY left the house. We ran to the store and then to McDonald's. (I know, I know - I'm a horrible mother for giving the baby McDonald's. I've noted your judgement and will take it in to consideration the next time I'm sitting in the drive through line.)

In her happy meal, she got a My Little Pony. It's adorable. She LOVES it.

Seriously - look at that face!

She carried it around all afternoon. When the Dada got home - she was all too excited to show him. He takes the little toy from her and says "aw! You have a little Pegasus!"

Me - "No, it's a My Little Pony"
Him - "Ummm, it's a horse with wings - that makes it a Pegasus."
Me - "Oiy vey"
Him - "Listen, she will be the only little girl in Kindergarten who knows what a Pegasus is."
Me - "And she'll be the only little girl in Kindergarten who DOESN'T know what a My Little Pony is!"

Again - oiy vey.

As he's examining it closer, he notices the little sticker mark on her back hip. He exclaims "is that tramp stamp!??!" 

Me - "Oh my gosh! It's just a sticker thing! Think of it as a brand."
Him - "Do they all have these?! Have they ALWAYS had these?! This is why young girls get tramp stamps!"

Oiy. Vey.

Lord, help this child and her cray, cray Dada. 

And Lord, be with her future teachers. I have a feeling we're going to be hearing from them a lot.

Until next time.....

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The House of Sick and Sadness

Alice and I have been under the weather for the last few weeks. We started with colds in mid March and thought we'd beat it, however, we didn't. 

Last week, I developed a very nasty cough I'm still dealing with and Friday, Alice woke up with a fever. So we spent the next three days a lot like this.

Poor little thing. I hate to see her sick.

After a weekend of a fever, she woke up Monday with my cough and runny nose. 

Seriously. We are totally over snot and sneezing. TOTALLY.

Thankfully, we had Frozen to get us through. It's a Disney movie and the only thing that seems to keep our girl focused and sitting. So we spent several days watching it....over and over and over again. It makes me smile at how happy she gets when the movie starts. As soon as the music starts, she starts clapping and smiling. It's precious.

She seems to be mending. I'm still coughing. It's frustrating and annoying. Hopefully it's gone soon. 

So sorry we've been out - I was trapped on a couch with a sick little bitty, Olaf and Sven. ;)

Until next time....

Friday, March 28, 2014

18 Months Already?!?

I took this sheep picture on her actual monthly milestone.
She was surprisingly agreeable! 

Today, we had her 18 month well baby check up. We've spent the week with "naps are for chumps" attitude so guess who fell asleep on the 10 minute drive to the doctor? Yep.

So I sat in the car while the Dada checked us in. 

When she woke up, we headed in and found the Dada filling out our paperwork. As we're waiting, he asks "how do you spell discernible?" 
Me - what on earth are you filling out?!
My Beloved - don't worry about it! How do you spell it?
Me - *incredulous look*
My Beloved - fine, I'll look it up on my phone.

Turns out he was filling out the 'are there any concerns with your child's development' and he answered "she does not have any discernible words." (Side note - apparently his phone lied to him about the spelling and he spelled it with  'able' and is now very put out and embarrassed.)

We go to a teaching facility so we get to see a resident before we see the doctor. Today, we saw Dr. Carey who is so super precious, he doesn't look much older than his patients and he seems to like Alice. 

Alice has started to not enjoy sitting at restaurants so in an attempt to distract her, I've put together a 'busy bottle' for her. It's an old water bottle with a few puffs and some pipe cleaners in it. I dump them out and she puts them back in and then screws the top on. And (for now) it works! So that kept her busy while we talked to the doctor. 

I'm pretty sure the little puffs triggered our discussion on choking hazards. Oopsie.

She is doing great in regards to her growth. She is up to 21.8 pounds and is 30.5 inches tall! Such a big girl!

The doctors don't seem to have any concerns AND she didn't need any shots! HOLLA!

Tonight, we got to have dinner with the Nana and she played with her bottle again.

I hope it keeps working.....

Until next time....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Break Shenanigans

One of the nice things about having my Beloved work at a college is he gets to enjoy Spring Break. So we few weeks ago we had a whole week to spend together.

We did some grown up things like go to the dentist and have the plumbers come out. 

But we also did some fun things! 

While the Dada was taking care of some family stuff, Alice and I went to visit the Rodeo. She went last year but was much too small to care. This year she got so excited to see the animals! 

They have a very extensive AgVenture area where you get to see animals at all stages of life. She enjoyed the hatchery quite a bit! There was a little chick chirping away at her. I'm pretty sure it was trying to encourage her to free them because Alice quickly became very focused on the lock. ;)

She was thrilled to see the bigger chickens and she tried to kiss a rabbit. It was an adventure.

We also ventured down to Moody Gardens to see the Pirate exhibit. It was a lot easier waiting when she was a lot less mobile. Once we got in to the exhibit, she settled down. 
She did get to meet a 'pirate'!

We did some shopping.

She emptied the Dada's wallet while he wasn't looking.

And we just enjoyed being together.

It was a lovely week and I am so thankful we had the time together.