Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Zoo day!

A few weeks ago, Uncle Travis came to town before he had to start his summer classes. I mentioned I wanted to take Alice to the zoo and he jumped at the chance to go. I felt she was old enough to really see the animals and enjoy the visit. And I thought it would be a treat for Travis to go with her for her first trip to the zoo. He's missed so many firsts, this one would be fun.

So we packed up and headed to the zoo. On a tip from the zoo website, we waited until later in the afternoon to go and we missed most of the school crowds. 

It was so much fun!

She walked almost everywhere. And she LOVED finding the animals.
She would duck down to see under or stand on her tippy toes to see over.

And for some reason, the zoo has free roaming chickens. And Alice LOVES her some chickens.

It was fun to watch Travis have fun with her. She's finally old enough that can he play with her without fear of hurting her. 

And they both had a great time!

We even got to feed some Giraffes!!!

It was a perfectly lovely day. A little hot! But still lovely.

And magical. To see her find an animal and the excitement on her face was worth the heat. And the memories are priceless. 

Until next time....

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hello, Month 21!!

She was uncharacteristically agreeable today when it came to Sheep pictures although it took some convincing to get her to look at the camera. This is the only one with a sort of smile. The others are crinkled nose smirks. 

And note the one sock.

This child is always missing a sock. 

She will look at me, pull it off, spin it around her head and then chunk it. This morning she tried to dip it in to my coffee. 

No ma'am. 

And I can't put shoes on her to run around in because she thinks shoes = outside. And if you put shoes on her and do not immediately take her outside - there's a scene. A massive scene. 

I made the mistake of putting her shoes on before I put mine on one day. Bad idea. 

I've also made the mistake of not going to the restroom before I put her shoes on. She screamed the entire time I was in the bathroom.

I've had to learn to brush her hair BEFORE the shoes or....you guessed it, a scene. 

The child enjoys her drama.

So the one sock has become her signature look. I think it has to do with traction. She takes one off so she can stick to the floor better so she can turn and run whenever she needs to. This system seems to work. 

And she's a little trouble maker. I have an entire album on Facebook dedicated to her shenanigans. 

Yesterday evening, I was working on cleaning our sink when I heard a plop coming from behind me. 

A brand new, never opened box of Q-tips - floating in the toilet. 

This took less than 5 seconds. 

There doesn't seem to be any water in the box so now we have to decide if that matters. It's touched the toilet! But it doesn't matter because we're out and I FINALLY remembered to buy more and heaven knows when I'm going to again. 

See. This is what parenting does to you.

It breaks you down so you don't care that you're putting potty Q-tips in your ear. 

Until next time......

Sticks and Stools

A few weekends ago, we spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's. Her Uncle David has a few magic dogs. They LOVE to fetch. They will bring you stick after stick and fetch every one until they pass out. The grown ups are on to them so we can ignore their attempts to engage. 

But now there's Alice. 

And she LOVES dogs. And while she can't throw very far - they didn't seem to care. Bud would pick it up and move it to her feet again. 

Her giggle is so precious.

We were back up there for Father's day and she got to play again.
This girl.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to my father in law that I would like a kitchen stool for Alice so while I'm cooking, she can be entertained while not standing on my feet. I sent him a few DIY posts I found on pinterest and he got to work. 

He had it finished when we arrived and it's perfect. He brought it to the house the next day and we've used it every night since then. She's still unsure on how to get in by herself and she still needs help getting out - but it's great! It's adjustable so it will grow with her and she's safe and out of the way. Simply wonderful!

Until next time.....

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Maybe the Momma is a Hot Mess too

Remember this post? The one with the nasty roach on her pretty chair? 

Well, God needed another laugh. 

We spend the morning doing our usual things when I happen to look down underneath the dining room table (the one I'm standing two inches from!!!) and see a BIG, HUGE NOT YET DEAD ROACH!! Alice was running all around so I did my best to not panic. Because of her curiosity and determination, my usual method (putting a butter dish over it until the Beloved gets home) wasn't going to work. So I squealed in panic and put her in her highchair with paper and a crayon. Yes, just one - she can't handle more than one. 

I spend the next few seconds devising a plan between silent sobs. 

Plan 1 - text Daniel and tell him it's an emergency. 

My usually very quiet rational side of my brain whispered, "this isn't an emergency! Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!" 

Stupid, rational side. 

Plan 2 - deal with it.....on my own.....oh Lord, give me strength. 

So, with Alice far away in her chair with her crayon, I grab the bug spray and I SOAK the nasty thing.....a few times. Because if it twitches at all - it's not dead enough. 

**Side rant:
Dear Raid,
If the can says "KILLS ON CONTACT"  - it needs to KILL ON CONTACT!! Not EVENTUALLY so just give it time!
I'm Very Serious
Like, for reals
End rant**

I get the dust pan and the broom and squealing all the way, I scoop the still wiggling roach up, holding it as far away from me as my arm will allow and head to the trash can. I open the trash and drop it in, only it doesn't go in the trash can. It goes in the hinge part of the lid. 

And I screamed. Which made the baby throw her crayon. Well, what was left of her crayon. The third she hadn't eaten while I was defending the house from invaders. Her face was covered in green and she was looking at me like, "what the heck, Ma?!" So ungrateful.

I regain control, grab the broom, kick the trash can open and beat the nasty free. I scoop it up and finally get it in the trash can.

I shakily release the baby and we go about our day.....until....

I put the baby down for a nap and as I'm picking something off the fireplace, this giant brown spider is just hanging out an inch from said object. Seriously, it was 4 inches. That's HUGE! It could have eaten the baby!

Since the baby is sleeping, I have to stifle my scream.

This is just too much for one day.

I grab the lying can again, angle myself on the fireplace so I have a good escape plan and soak the sucker. It falls off the fireplace and twitches....for over an hour. 

I eat my lunch watching it twitch in a ball on our floor. 

By this time, I'm sweating, jumping at every sound and scratching all over.

I'm done, spent, tapping out. And it's only noon.

So I wait until it's not moving and grab the bare swiffer sweeper. Standing on the fireplace, I smoosh it. Take THAT evil spider!! Only when I check - it's still wiggling. 

I can't. I just can't. 

I scoop it up and throw it in with the roach and try not to use the trash can for the rest of the day.

My Beloved comes home to a disheveled wife screaming about taking the trash out. I later told him about my harrowing day and how I almost called him to come home. He says, "Timberley, that's not an emergency, I'm not coming home to kill a roach." Yeah, he always says that.

Yesterday, we had the exterminator out. I was telling him about the spider incident - way less drama though, he doesn't need to know I'm crazy. He said, "yeah, that's a Wolf Spider. They're good spiders, they eat other spiders. They're our friends."

Nope. No, sir. Also, he needs new friends. 

He then goes on to tell me about the giant spider he found and how he let it ride home on his shoulder (maybe I'M not the crazy one after all!) and the sewer drain with the over 600 roaches he found. 


I told him my Beloved isn't ever going to let me talk to him again. 

And he laughed. 

Until next time......