Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Tisket, A Tasket

Let me start by saying that it cracks me up at the things my Beloved gets worked up about. For this story, it's her Easter basket. 

For Alice's first two Easters, we didn't do too much. We used a small felt frog basket I found in the dollar section at Target; however, this year she needed a little bit larger one for her school's 'Egg Hunt'. We started looking at the beginning of March since we had all month. Our first search was unsuccessful and then March fell apart so we didn't get the chance to look again until the weekend before Easter. This meant we only had 4 to choose from because Hobby Lobby was through with spring and setting up for Christmas again. I jest....a little. The options were diminished regardless. 

Every time I suggested a basket, my Beloved said it wasn't big enough. He wants this basket to be the one she has for years to come. Fine. We find a plain yellow basket that meets his size requirements and might be sturdy enough to last until she's in college, we'll see. But it needs something so I pick out some ribbon and spend a few minutes adding some color. I only burned off two of my fingerprints with the hot glue gun. I'm not sure why I try to craft.

After looking at it again, we decide it's too big to take to school. Her class only has 4 kids including her in it so she can just take her frog basket. 

While we're looking for the basket, we have to get candy which I leave up to the Dada. She NEEDS a chocolate bunny and candy corn and jelly beans and so on. We also pick up a bubble machine, sidewalk chalk and Popsicle molds. I picked up some stupid grass (I loathe Easter basket grass) and load up the basket. I leave a lot of the candy out thinking Daniel got the candy for himself. 

Him: But the candy corn carrot is for her!
Me: She doesn't need candy corn.
Him: but it goes with the chocolate rabbit! Get it, it's in the shape of a carrot!
Me: Oiy vey

So I add the candy corn carrot but I leave out the jelly beans.

Him: But those are for her too! Easter is all about jelly beans!
Me: Uh, I'm pretty sure Easter is about our Lord and Savior dying for our sins!
Him: Try telling the jelly bean people that!


I load the basket up and show him. 

Him: It looks good! But shouldn't there be more grass? You know, coming out of the sides and stuff?

Yeesh. Again. 

The day before the egg hunt, I decide to get her frog basket ready only I can't find it anywhere. I tore up the house looking for it. It's been on the same shelf for MONTHS until the day before the egg hunt. When Alice gets home from school, I ask her if she can find it. She brings me every frog from her room except the basket. So she went to school with a Sesame Street bucket she got from a friend's 2nd birthday (thanks again, Henry!). I still can't find that frog. 

She didn't really care what was in the basket and got grass all over my grandmother's house. But she was happy!

We LOVED the bubble machine....while it lasted. I'm not sure what she did to it but it only blows one sad bubble at a time now. 

Oh well. 

So, Happy Easter! a little late....
Until next time......

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Sadness

Let me tell you, I have high hopes for April because March SUCKED. 

Disclaimer - this post is going to be LONG and this post is going to be full of lots of girly TMI so, boys, skip down to the bottom. You've been warned. For reals. 

First - it rained THE ENTIRE MONTH. Like, every day. Poured. We were worried the sun had been stolen and that we would never be happy again. 

And the TMI starts now.....

I have had super screwy periods since being on the blood thinners and they come often, like more than one a month. My uterus hates me with a passion and it lets me know as often as it can. And this month started with the worst period I have ever had in my life. The. Worst. (see boys, I warned you!) It lasted two full weeks of nothing but the heaviest bleeding possible. I had to change clothes a few times a day for two full weeks - it was bad. And also completely embarrassing and MORTIFYING. I didn't want to leave the house. I cried a lot out of frustration. I looked in to black-market hysterectomies. 

I also had a ton of annual doctor appointments to tend to so not leaving the house wasn't an option. While at the Ophthalmologist, my graceful self hits the handle of a chair and leaves a MASSIVE bruise on my thigh. Go me. This was my testing day - I have to go in for testing twice a year for Glaucoma and to make sure my autoimmune meds aren't messing up my eyes. After the test, the technician says the doctor should be calling. I tell her I have an exam with her in a few weeks but she says "she'll probably be calling you anyway." Enter Freak Mode. Turns out I didn't need to worry, all the tests came back normal. So the fretting for two weeks was for nothing. Thanks. 

We had a wedding in the Austin area to attend mid month. I still wasn't sure if I should go - see TMI paragraph above and also two legs covered in bruises - but we went. Girly issues slowed down FINALLY and we had a nice time! I did have some lower back pain after our first night. I blamed this on a bad hotel bed and needing an hour with my masseuse bff Lzata. However, Monday morning at around 2am, I woke up in such pain in my left lower abdomen, I couldn't sit still. Nothing helped. No position alleviated the hurt. I finally woke Daniel up and told him I was going to the ER to rule out a kidney stone. For the record, I have NEVER had a kidney stone and as far as I know, there isn't any family history of it either. So in-spite of his concerns, I drove myself to the neighborhood ER. "What if it's just gas!? I don't want you to wake the baby for gas!" I get to the ER, they put me in the room, give me some meds and do a CT. The ER doc says ovarian cyst - I say kidney stone. Turns out we're both right. Again, go me. I do tell them I am on blood thinners and they take my INR. My therapeutic magic number is 2.0. My ER INR is 7.9. Oops. 

So my ER doctor calls my Hematologist and I get to ride in an ambulance to the hospital. None of this is on my bucket list. At least the paramedic thought I was a treat. He asked why I was going to the hospital for a kidney stone and I told him my INR was a little high. He flipped my chart and took the Lord's name in vain, "a little high!?" Yep - that's how I role.

I'm admitted with a Coumadin overdose. Seriously. 

They run some tests, I have to pee into a strainer, and I get a good dose of Vitamin K to counteract the blood thinners.  Nobody knows why my INR is so high, however, it does explain the horrible period and the horrible bruising. And after a chat with my hematologist, I discover that my prescription was wrong. I usually take two 5mg pills daily only the last time I picked up my pills, they gave me 10mg but I didn't notice. I was taking twice the amount I needed. Yes, that would do it. (My doctor has since called to apologize for this mix up and assures me it's not my fault and she isn't going to fire me as a patient. Bless her.)

I am also treated to both an external and internal pelvic ultrasound. This after the pelvic exam I had in the ER. Fun times! The ultrasound shows I have passed one kidney stone but I have another one waiting in my kidney. Yay! It also shows the cyst isn't anything to worry about. I come home with meds and instructions and an invitation to meet with my new Urologist in about six months. I collect 'ologists' - it's like, my thing. 

I come home late Tuesday night. Monday was Travis's 21st birthday. We had big plans. We were going to go out to the Rodeo and he was going to buy me a drink. This after I turned in my research paper I had ready a week and a half early but would now be late. Why do I even make plans!? Wednesday, I take Alice - who is on Spring Break - up to the school so I can turn in my paper. Thursday, we head to Nana's, however, halfway there I start to feel bad.The pain gets so bad, Travis has to drive me to CVS to pick up my meds and then home while Nana watches Alice.

I am thankful for my first kidney stone - it brought me to the ER before I unknowingly bled out from a blood thinner overdose. However, the second kidney stone seems a little unnecessary if I'm being honest. Uncalled for, if you will. One got my attention - two was just rude. 

Now I get to see my Hematologist weekly until my numbers are back to normal. With my INR being so low, I get extra worried about blood clots. My leg hurts and I panic. Blood clots terrify me. I had my yearly well-woman scheduled for last week (third pelvic exam this month - I should get an award or more wine) and I had to go over all the stuff that happened the week before. I had a complete meltdown in the office. I don't know why this happens. Maybe it's all the pregnant women projecting their hormones on to me. Regardless, I cry almost every time I'm there. Every. Time. One day, they might medicate me. She tells me my leg looks a little poofy and I sob the entire way home.

It's a clot. I just know it.

I call my hematology office and let the nurse know I'm freaking out. She tells the doctor, I get to visit with her again. She ordered an ultrasound and we spent ALL DAY at the hospital waiting for it. It came back clean. Thankfully. 

We closed out this glorious month with this weekend where Alice all of a sudden out of nowhere spikes a 102.9 fever while we're visiting Papa and Mawmaw. She got to skip school yesterday just to be on the safe side. 

We did have some nice times. My Beloved and I had spring break together so we got to have some day dates! And the road trip with the family was fun. 

But I'm real happy to see it over. I ended the month the way I started, with cramps. See, the uterus, it hates me. I'm hoping April is better; hopefully without the showers though. March rained enough! 

Fingers crossed we're looking towards the light.

Until next time......

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Alice, her Sheep and March times 3

I realized I haven't posted a Sheep picture on the blog in a while. We don't do the pictures weekly anymore. I try to remember to do one once a month but sometimes that slips by me too. Yesterday, while trying to entertain her, I asked her if she wanted to take a Sheep picture. She smiled, said "uh huh!" and ran to her room for her friend. 

She retrieved the Sheep and posed exactly like she wanted, where she wanted. And it's perfect. Even though she's missing a sock.....

I wanted one of her lying down so you can see just how much she has grown so I showed her a picture of her as a baby lying next to the Sheep and asked her if she could lay down like the baby. And she did.

Boy, that sheep has shrunk! I look back at all the sheep pictures and I get all emotional. Was she ever so small? When did she get so big?! 

I took all the March Sheep pictures I have and put them side by side.

Where does the time go? Yesterday she was so tiny! And yet, 'tiny' was two years ago. She's halfway to three now. 3.

We've had this loud, happy, spirited, crazy-haired blessing for almost three years. Again, where does the time go?

And, where are the Kleenexes?!

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Very Belated Progress Report

Well, Alice and I both survived our first semester in school. 

I did a lot better than I thought I would! This semester is proving to be challenging but I'm going to get through it. 

Alice is doing so well! She LOVES going to school. And she has grown so much since starting. She's saying so many more words now and being so helpful. 

Her favorite chores are refilling the coffee, feeding the dog, throwing away trash, emptying the dishwasher and starting the clothes washer. She will reluctantly put her clothes in her hamper, her socks in her bag and her toys up. For these tasks, she much be in the mood. And she LOVES giving the dog a treat. She points her little finger and tells him to "sit!" It's the cutest. 

She's talking so much now. She will often ask, "ut you doin?" or "ehere you going?". Her newest word is 'hey'. I pinched her leg the other day and she said, "hey! not nice!" She calls her beloved blanket Kee-kee. I'm not sure where this came from but we almost never leave home without it. She is saying names better and now calls me 'mom'. Just mom. I'll here her in the other room calling, "MOM! ehere you go?" like she's a teenager. Already. 

She knows her shapes, animals and noises and she's pretty good at pointing out things when you ask her to find them.

She isn't a fan of holding still so when we're getting dressed or changing a diaper, I've started telling her silly stories. We have two. One is about Princess Alice who has one nose - then she points to her nose. We go through all the features and that distracts her. The other is about animals. It starts with a cow (insert 'moo') who lives next to a dog (insert 'ruff!'). She likes that one too. Something silly to keep her from entering meltdown mode.

She still has meltdowns, naturally, but she usually calms down quickly. And if she doesn't, she usually goes to her room when we tell her. As soon as she settles, she comes back out. 

She is D.R.A.M.A. and it's HILARIOUS. I actually called and apologized to my mother the other day because I'm pretty sure she's a mini-me. Lord, help us. 

Until next time....