Sunday, October 5, 2014

Check Ups, Tantrums and a C!

Alice and I both had check-ups last week! Fun times! 

Tuesday, I met with my Rheumatologist for my routine 6 month check in and blood work. I'm an unusual patient because I'm low maintenance. The medication I'm taking seems to be keeping my symptoms at bay so we usually just get to visit. 

The appointments are always very entertaining. First, they weigh you. Every time. I think this is a bit unnecessary. I get on the scale, it blinks and then says "E". I'm pretty sure this is not the first time I've had this happen. E as in Elephant. E as in Enough. I look at the nurse with raised eyebrows. She says it's because I'm wiggling. I tell her if it does it again she's going to have to guess my weight and find me a bag of powered doughnuts. And THEN she takes my blood pressure, which is a little elevated. "Do you have new stress?" asks the nurse. Well, let's see, a few hours prior to this appointment I took my very first A&P test. And let me tell you, I did the review sheet, studied all 8 pages over and over again all weekend and I walked in to the test and recognized the title of the test....and that's about it. Seriously. It's like I studied Spanish for a German test. It was one of those that you look at the first question and think, "oh okay, so we're going to wing it!" Yep. I could have stayed for the grade - no thank you - and instead prayed for a 'c'. (I got a 70, by the way. I have never been so happy to see a 70 in my life! The girl next to me got a 34.) And the nurse is asking if I have new stress. Add to that a study group from Hades and it's a wonder it wasn't higher. 

Anyway, the doctor didn't seem concerned. She has a son around Alice's age so we share survival skills. She will openly admit that she is the mom who let's her child have whatever he wants. She said she learned early that if she wants to make it to 40, he has to get what he wants. No matter what. He wins. He has broken her.

And I find this horribly encouraging. 

This well educated woman, this medical professional is felled by a toddler. 

See, it happens to everyone! Isn't that great to know?! 

Toddlers - they just break you. 

Alice + 2 = momma is going to need LOTS MORE WINE. Her tantrums and dedication and expression of her feelings have tripled. And I've adjusted REALLY quickly to having her in Mother's Day Out. So much so that on Monday's when it's just us all day, by noon I'm spent. SPENT. Yeesh.

Wednesday, we met with her doctor for her 24 month well baby. She is 33.5 inches tall and weighs in at 23.5 pounds. She doesn't seem to care for the medical professionals AT ALL, however, she LOVES the dog photos they have in their exam rooms. 

Growth wise, there is no concern. However, she is still not using words. We KNOW she knows words. We have no concerns when it comes to her hearing or understanding. She is bright and understanding but it would be nice if she used her words. Since she is two, she is still eligible for assistance through ECI so we have an evaluation scheduled in a few weeks to find out if speech therapy is something she can benefit from. 

I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, I understand kids grow at their own pace. And I KNOW she knows words. She responds to direction, she knows what you're telling her and she knows who people are by name. A part of me knows she'll talk in time and there's nothing to worry about.

But there's a little, very quiet part of me that worries I've failed her. It's just a tiny voice, but it's there. "Maybe I don't read to her enough." "Maybe I should not give in and MAKE her say please." Although we've had this battle and her will is strong where mine is weak. I'm not interested in having a staring contest with a toddler over the word 'open'. I know this is misplaced guilt I've created myself but that doesn't mean it isn't mine. 

I spent my elementary education going to speech a few times a week because I struggled with my 'r' sounds. It's not embarrassing. it just is. It was nothing my parents or teachers did wrong. It was just something I struggled with. So it's irrational for me to think her aversion to words is somehow my fault. It's actually probably selfish too. But there it is. 

So I get to work on my A&P grade and Alice gets to work on her words. We'll see how it all works out.

Until next time.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

College - The Return

I've seen the future and the future is bleak. 

I've been in school a few weeks now and I'm worried about our future. Seriously. If these are the people who will rise up and lead - we are screwed. So very screwed. 

I finally started my biology class so I go three days a week now.

Let me just tell you how the first day of class goes. We wait for forever for a teacher who finally shows up but doesn't know the key code to get into the class. We get all that settled and we start learning. (To his defense, I'm gathering he was thrown into the position rather late in the game and is still adjusting to teaching again. He's a retired ER MD and I find him endearing.) 

But let's back up a bit. As we're gathered outside of the class waiting, I people watch. I look around and there is a guy who has shown up with nothing but a phone. No writing utensil. No paper. No book. Just a phone. For reals. 

Let's continue.

We start by going over the syllabus and the required books - of which I've already purchased but I'm apparently the only student in the world of college life now that buys the book before class. (Yet another side rant - this was not a cheap book and it didn't even come with a spine! I had to buy a binder to put it in! What is the world coming to?!) So we go over the books and there's a lab manual that wasn't included on the required books before class started. No problem, we have a break before lab and we can run on over the bookstore then. Only they don't have the manual and it will take a week to get it in. So no lab last week. Fun times. We all have our lab manuals now so it's all good. 

So today, I arrived to class early and while we were waiting for class to start, a student approached the instructor and asked if he could not take the test next Tuesday because he JUST bought the book and he's behind on the reading. This is a student that has been in the class since day one. And he's NOT the guy that came to class with nothing but a phone!

I almost fell off my stool. Seriously, with his mouth, he asked the teacher this. And he was serious. The teacher of course said no because that's the most ridiculous request ever. These are grown people, folks. And this is reason #456 of why I'm not in education. There would be NO WAY I could control my "are you crazy?!" eyebrows - they have a mind of their own. 

After class today, my 'study group' had to meet up. They give me heartburn. There are 4 of us. Two of us do the work, one of us does about 30% of the assignment and the fourth didn't even know what chapter we were on. Y'all. She asked if the flashcards I was studying were for the entire semester so far. No. They are JUST for the quiz TOMORROW. And my grade is dependent on these people. Oiy vey. I had already typed the assignment because I'm a control freak and I want to KNOW it's getting done. And tomorrow I will turn it in with all 4 names even though I know it was only 2ish of us that did it. And this will happen every week until the others drop the class. 

Lord, give me strength. 

My side-rant is just how lazy people are. If you're paying for a class, why not attempt to do your best? Why on earth would someone think a teacher would let you reschedule a test because you're not ready?! 

The greatest example of the laziness is the electronic handicap doors. People with working legs and arms will hit the button and wait the extra 20 seconds it takes for the door to slowly open rather than walk the two extra steps and pull....the....handle....

This drives me bananas. Every time. 

So while I have my concerns with the state of our future, I am comforted in the knowledge that these souls might be too lazy to rise up and attempt to lead. So there's the silver lining! 

My mom is concerned the before mentioned people will see this on Facebook. I reassure her that I'm not friends with these people. Nope. Not happening. I'm pretty sure they BARELY know my name. One of the girls asked if Christie was my middle name today. I mean, come on. And last week, LMB typed the assignment and instead of ASKING our names at the review, she just had us scribble our names on the top of the page right before she turned it in. I'm willing to bet 4 quarters she doesn't know my last name either. My grade + these people. Yep. 

I did get to buy Scantrons for the first time in a LONG time today. That was fun! And it's totally fun to be back on a college campus with my Beloved. It makes me all smiley and giggly when I see him between classes. He's such a cutie. ;)

Until next time.....

Saturday, September 20, 2014

And just like that....she's 2

So....we attempted a Sheep picture for month 24 (that's 2 years, folks!). They ALL look like this.....

Yep. This year might be a little exhausting.

Today, we celebrated. We decided to keep things very small. We had dinner and cupcakes and some family. And it was perfect. We splashed in the pool. We LAUGHED. We played. We opened presents. We ate cupcakes.

And we loved on a little girl who brings us so much joy. A little girl who lights up a room with her little grin. A little girl who waves bye bye when she leaves a room. A little girl who LOVES animals and marshmallows and books and colors.

She had our complete attention for the entire day. And that's what it should be about.

Two was a little bittersweet. One was exciting! It's the FIRST! But two means she's growing! And while I am SO proud of that, I miss the tiny little thing we brought home. However, I am SO excited to see what this next year holds for our girl. And it's an honor to call her ours.

Can you believe she's 2?! Yeesh.

Until next time....

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The 2nd Year

Happy birthday, Bugaloo!!

Today you turn 2. 

This has been another year of firsts!

First steps. First trip to Disney World. First visit to the Zoo. First day of school. Lots and lots of firsts! 

You have grown so much this year and your personality has done nothing but develop and grow with you. It brings us so much joy to watch you dance. I smile every time I catch you twirling to a tune you are humming, a tune only you know. I can see your imagination working and it makes my heart so happy. I hope you never let go of that. Hold on to the wonder and the magic as long as you can. 

You have developed a desire to help and it's so much fun watching you learn where things go and how to take direction. And it has been entertaining observing your dedication to getting what you want and the results of being told 'no'. 

You are selective in who you give kisses to. This is something else I think you should always hold on to. But your parents don't count! You should always kiss your parents! 

You will eat almost anything. You like to stack things and put things in to other things. We often have to search for something you've managed to hide. 

We know you know words and understand words, however, you are still not saying any. But boy do you jabber! You can recognize pictures and items. 

You LOVE being spun around. L.O.V.E. You smile and giggle every time someone is willing to spin you around. 

You are still one very loved little girl. Even through the tantrums, you are loved. Always.

We are so very thankful for you.

Our wish for the coming year is for you to continue to grow and learn and imagine. We hope you play and play and play! Soak it all in, baby girl. It's all there for you. 

With love,
Mom & Dad