Thursday, September 11, 2014

Alice Goes to School

Alice started MDO last week! She only went for two days because Wednesday night she had a fever. Already. Oh joy! ;)

My Beloved drops her off in the morning and I pick her up in the afternoons. We both dropped her off on the first day and I have NO pictures. I was too focused on not crying that I didn't take any pictures. She shows a lot of apprehension at being dropped off but so far has cried very minimally.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she is in the 18-24 month class and on Wednesdays she moves to the 2 year class because she is the only 18-24 year old who attends on that day of the week. She seems to handle the older class fine and all the teachers say she's the sweetest. Thank goodness. And I don't know what magic powers they're using, but she NAPS!! They say she has no problem napping. Hallelujah! 

She only went twice last week and in her daily folder on Tuesday, we got a little notice letting us know two different kids in the 2 class have been diagnosed with two different things, both of which are extremely contagious. Lovely. Just lovely. She was with them both for ONE DAY. Now I'm dosing her with Essential Oils I got from the Nana hoping they stave off any contagion. Fingers crossed!

She comes home every day with a new craft - it's so precious! Yesterday, they built a plane. When I went to pick her up, she had red spots all over her hand and for a second I thought she was sick but then they handed me her plane. Thank goodness! 

I have a little DIY project to display her art, hopefully we will get a chance to work on it soon.

For now, we're adjusting to new schedules and new routines. 

Today is the first day of Mother's Day Out that she didn't scream for an hour after arriving home. It might have to do with the fact she got a cookie on the way out. 

She seems to enjoy school! On school days, I tell her she's going to school and she smiles and points to the door. She willingly gets dressed and seems to be excited! Once she gets inside, the apprehension sets in but she's smiling when I pick her up.

I'm so very excited she's getting to be around kids her age. And I'm very thankful to the staff for taking such good care of our girl.

Until next time.....

Monday, September 8, 2014

I might be too old for this.....

We started school. I took a quiz for the first time in a LONG time. Alice came home with a fever.

And so it begins.....

Let's start out with my school experience so far.

This is what I know - people are RUDE. Grown people will show up late, interrupt a teacher, walk around during class, lie and cheat. It's so very disgusting. And every time they do something super rude, I get all sweaty and nervous. It's like high school all over again. 

Right now, I only have my Wednesday class. My Tuesday/Thursday class doesn't start until next week. On the first day of class, she had us pick Study Groups and we will have joint assignments due each class period. I loathe Study Groups. I do not study well with people. People are distracting. 

My class is extremely diverse in ages. There are several fresh out of high school, a few my age and a handful of older ladies. There is only one other person in the class who has a degree besides me. On the first day, we had to introduce ourselves. All I said was my name, my age(ish) and what I was going to school for. Everyone else gave their life stories. Nope. Not me. 

We had our first study group gathering after last Wednesday. It was as magical as I thought it would be. We have a quiet girl who doesn't seem to want to work ahead, a girl who doesn't listen to instruction, a very bossy girl and then me. I know what you're thinking, "um, aren't you the bossy one?" YES! But I do it with such grace that you don't realize you're being bossed until you're halfway through completing the task I've assigned. My boss skills are a gift. Hers - not so much. I managed to do my assignment during the additional week we had to do it. She did not. So instead, she tapped her little impatient finger on my book and told me to go start typing. Me and Little Miss Bossy will not make it through this semester without a scene. She then went on to ask personal questions that she doesn't have any reason to know. No ma'am. This is not my first time in college. I am not here to compete. My main goal is to get through the class without ever having attention drawn to me. Her goal is to be the Teachers' Darling. I overheard her tell the teacher after class how she should handle the next class because there were some faults in how she was currently handling it. 

My eyes almost popped out of my head. Class #2. 

This was after the girl next to me LIED to the teacher about keeping her quiz sheet. LIED TO HER FACE! The teacher isn't dumb! And there I was stuck between the teacher and big, fat liar, liar pants on fire. I might need to find a new place to sit. The stress. 

So we got through the first assignment. 

I stopped to talk to Daniel and the other Library ladies I know. They asked how it went and I groaned, "I don't like people". My Beloved,"Alice is in school for socializing. Timberley thinks she's past that." Exactly! 

I'm not here to make friends. I'm not here to compete for Teacher's Pet. I don't want to be the best in the class. I don't want to be the loudest. I just want to get through it. 

See, I might be too old for this. 

I spent a lot of time studying my note cards the week before my first quiz. When I got to class, the loud women in the corner (who CONSTANTLY talk and interrupt the teacher and thanks to Little Miss Bossy, the teacher now knows cheated on their first quiz) were going over their note cards for what was probably the first time because they were getting them all wrong. I had to plug my ears. 

Maybe I should look in to online classes....

Until next time....

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Parenting Fail

The saying "bad moments don't make you a bad mom" repeats over and over again in my head almost every day. And though I try my best, I KNOW I'm going to fail her. I know there will be moments when I instinctively react to something and later decide it was the wrong reaction. I know these moments are coming.

And last night was the first. The first time instincts and fear took over. And I'm pretty sure I traumatized our child. 

So, here goes...

Last night we were sitting on the couch reading 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear' when I feel something land on my neck. (MY! NECK!) I flick the offending something off only to discover it was a huge tree roach that then lands on the baby's leg. 


"IT WAS ON ME!!!! GET IT OFF THE BABY!!!! GET IT OFF THE BABY!!!!!" Full on tears and total meltdown mode. 

I'm screaming, the baby is crying, my Beloved is swatting at Alice attempting to remove the offending evil and the dog is throwing himself on the outside door because apparently His Man is in danger. My Beloved scoops up the terrified child and hugs his HYSTERICAL wife. Between my Nancy Kerrigan "WHY ME?!?!" sobs, he manages to hand me the baby. I ask him if he got it and he says, "I have to find it first. It got away." 

More tears. More shaking. I'm not cut out for this. I can't be having nasty little evil things land on me. It apparently makes me do totally irrational things like throw them at our baby. I can't. 

I just....can't.....

So I'm bouncing a crying baby while attempting to calm my shaking hands as Daniel looks for the creature. He finds it and it does not survive. Take THAT, you nasty thing! 

I then start to ask "where did it come from? WHERE DID IT COME FROM?!?!" My Beloved says he doesn't know and it doesn't matter.

**Insert crazy eyes here.**

I'm not totally convinced it didn't crawl out of the couch and since my husband was totally against my "BURN IT TO THE GROUND!!!" suggestion, he vacuumed the couch for me. 

The baby eventually calmed enough to sit on the newly vacuumed couch with me but I did notice she kept looking up around the room to make sure nothing else was coming our way. Oops. 

As we're getting ready for bed, Daniel notices something under the bed. He moves it out with his foot and jumps a bit. And again - I lose it. It's just too much. It turns out it was only a pacifier but still. My nerves are spent. S.P.E.N.T. 

We go to bed last night and I'm still shaken. Seriously. It's just so very not okay. My Beloved says, "at least it wasn't a cockroach! Those are nasty!"

Hold the phone. 

EVERYTHING in that sentence is WRONG. That sentence SHOULD read "ALL roaches are nasty and deserve nothing but the fires of Hades." Period. 

While I don't want to project my fears on to her, I will DIE if I ever find her playing with a nasty roach. DIE! 

I thought about not posting this story. It's not my most finest moment. And I'm pretty sure throwing a roach on your child might be considered child abuse. 

My friend, Shani, told me it was more like 'self preservation' and she 'needed something to laugh at anyway'.

So here you go. And now I'm all itchy again.....

Until next time.....

Monday, August 25, 2014

23 Months, y'all

I couldn't decide on one picture so this month gets four.

She will be 2 in just a matter of weeks. WEEKS!!! Can you believe?! 

I put her in her '1' shirt because she only has a month left to wear it. And she starts Mother's Day Out next week, we have a Meet the Teacher meeting on Thursday. 

There are moments I'm not ready. Moments I get so nervous and fretful that I teeter on the edge of saying "NOPE!! Never mind! I was just kidding!!"

But then we have a day where all she wants to do is crawl all over me and I think, "NOPE! We can do this! It's time!" 

And it is. She needs kids and structure and Jesus. ;) 

So the adventure begins....

We had to get her a nap mat for class. I did some internet searching and found some SUPER cute (not so cheap) ones on Etsy. I also found some DIY instructions on Pinterest. I told my Beloved about finding some kinda pricey ones on etsy and he looks at me with a raised eyebrow. I go on to tell him I found some DIY instructions on Pinterest and he says, "no! Not happening. How pricey are we talking?" ;)

We found a reasonably priced one on Amazon. I've been putting it in her bed at nap time to help her to adjust to resting on it. It seems to be working!
I have serious doubts she's going to take naps but we have to try!

Hopefully once we get through the next two weeks, I'll get to write more. 

I'm going back to school, that should offer some lovely stories! ;)

Until next time....