Thursday, March 5, 2015

Alice, her Sheep and March times 3

I realized I haven't posted a Sheep picture on the blog in a while. We don't do the pictures weekly anymore. I try to remember to do one once a month but sometimes that slips by me too. Yesterday, while trying to entertain her, I asked her if she wanted to take a Sheep picture. She smiled, said "uh huh!" and ran to her room for her friend. 

She retrieved the Sheep and posed exactly like she wanted, where she wanted. And it's perfect. Even though she's missing a sock.....

I wanted one of her lying down so you can see just how much she has grown so I showed her a picture of her as a baby lying next to the Sheep and asked her if she could lay down like the baby. And she did.

Boy, that sheep has shrunk! I look back at all the sheep pictures and I get all emotional. Was she ever so small? When did she get so big?! 

I took all the March Sheep pictures I have and put them side by side.

Where does the time go? Yesterday she was so tiny! And yet, 'tiny' was two years ago. She's halfway to three now. 3.

We've had this loud, happy, spirited, crazy-haired blessing for almost three years. Again, where does the time go?

And, where are the Kleenexes?!

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Very Belated Progress Report

Well, Alice and I both survived our first semester in school. 

I did a lot better than I thought I would! This semester is proving to be challenging but I'm going to get through it. 

Alice is doing so well! She LOVES going to school. And she has grown so much since starting. She's saying so many more words now and being so helpful. 

Her favorite chores are refilling the coffee, feeding the dog, throwing away trash, emptying the dishwasher and starting the clothes washer. She will reluctantly put her clothes in her hamper, her socks in her bag and her toys up. For these tasks, she much be in the mood. And she LOVES giving the dog a treat. She points her little finger and tells him to "sit!" It's the cutest. 

She's talking so much now. She will often ask, "ut you doin?" or "ehere you going?". Her newest word is 'hey'. I pinched her leg the other day and she said, "hey! not nice!" She calls her beloved blanket Kee-kee. I'm not sure where this came from but we almost never leave home without it. She is saying names better and now calls me 'mom'. Just mom. I'll here her in the other room calling, "MOM! ehere you go?" like she's a teenager. Already. 

She knows her shapes, animals and noises and she's pretty good at pointing out things when you ask her to find them.

She isn't a fan of holding still so when we're getting dressed or changing a diaper, I've started telling her silly stories. We have two. One is about Princess Alice who has one nose - then she points to her nose. We go through all the features and that distracts her. The other is about animals. It starts with a cow (insert 'moo') who lives next to a dog (insert 'ruff!'). She likes that one too. Something silly to keep her from entering meltdown mode.

She still has meltdowns, naturally, but she usually calms down quickly. And if she doesn't, she usually goes to her room when we tell her. As soon as she settles, she comes back out. 

She is D.R.A.M.A. and it's HILARIOUS. I actually called and apologized to my mother the other day because I'm pretty sure she's a mini-me. Lord, help us. 

Until next time....

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Wait for it....

I've had a moody few weeks, I finally vented to my Beloved on Friday. School is taking up so much time (as it should) and I feel like housework is piling up and I'm back to being overwhelmed. And this time of year, I get gloomy. I used to be a part of big exciting things and now I'm not. Now I do the same thing every day. (This is NOT a cry for validation or encouragement or 'at-a-girl!' It's just something I deal with.) 

I feel like I have nothing to share. I tell him,  "I WANT to blog but I feel like I have NOTHING exciting to write about."

And God laughed. 

This morning around 2am, the battery in our our Carbon Monoxide alarm died. It's plugged in to the wall, why does the battery run out?! And why can't it run out during the day?! This is the third time this has happened. The first time was HILARIOUS but it looses something in print. It must be reenacted in person. Trust me. My Beloved jumps out of bed, rips it from the wall and runs the screaming thing into the garage and removes the battery. By some miracle, the child sleeps through it.

However, when she did crawl into our bed around 7ish, she failed to understand that the Dada's pillow is much better suited to support a toddler head so instead she attempted to sleep on my head. On. My. Head. There is no sharing with her. 

Later while Daniel is out raking leaves, I clean up. As I'm putting on mascara, in walks our naked child. I'm talking - NEKKID. She not only managed to get her jammies off but she got her diaper off too. She was kind enough to put it in the Diaper Genie. She was so proud. I put a new diaper on her and finish my process of getting dressed only to have her bring me her shoes and repeat "outside!" over and over again. In nothing but a diaper. 

I finish getting ready and I step out in the garage to ask my Beloved a question. 2 seconds. Maybe 5. I come back to the door and our toddler has managed to lock the deadbolt. 


She is stuck in nothing but a diaper in the laundry room. We are locked outside with no keys and no phones. I'm pretty sure I'm out of the running for Mother of the Year. There's always next year.....

The Dada attempts to open ANY window but it doesn't work. Alice did SO good but eventually the fear set in and she got upset. There is nothing worse in the world then watching your child be upset and not being able to reach them. Dada eventually broke a window and saved the day. 

Luckily, Atticus had requested alone time in the front of the house so he was nowhere near the broken glass. And Alice was tucked safe away in the laundry room so she wasn't in danger either. 

ALL of this before 11:30am. 

My Beloved worked to get all the glass up while I distracted Alice in our room with a Ring Pop. I'm out of the running for MOY anyway, why not?! 

It never fails. Listen, new parents. You rock along and things get easier and you get complacent and you think, "we got this!" and then BAM!!!! You get locked out. Or a child who couldn't reach the counter YESTERDAY all of a sudden hands you a knife they can now reach. And it's like they can read all the warning labels that say "Keep out of Child's Reach" and they collect them for you - "look what I found! What kind of parent are you?" And just like that you're reminded you know nothing. And it's a miracle everyone is still alive. A MIRACLE. Trust me, don't get comfortable. It never lasts...

So there's another milestone we reached. Another note for the baby book. But really, I haven't written a thing in her baby book since before we brought her home. I'm really not holding my breath for that Mother of the Year award. 

The first thing we did after everyone was ready to go was make a few house keys to hide in the garage. Yep. 

As we're standing in the kitchen later, I say to my Beloved, "well, now I have something to blog!" 

Until next time......

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Picture Not So Perfect

I'm a stress-er and I'm also a sometimes perfectionist. I get something in my head and I'm sad if it doesn't look JUST how I imagined it. And I'm also crazy so I try to do things like family photos. 

I try to get them early so I'm ahead of the game. Last year, I had outfits and a location and camera and then a sick kid. So we scratched that and just snapped a quick picture of our snotty child at the last minute under our tree. Fa la la la la. 

So this year, I had another plan! We've had a few cute family shots taken throughout the year but Alice has grown SO MUCH that I wanted a more recent one. Thanksgiving day before we ate, I asked Travis to take our picture. Alice apparently thought this was the dumbest idea ever.

Here's attempt number 1.....
....which led to this...

So we took a second to regroup and repose. 

It didn't help.

THIS is the one that made the card. Yep.

Hey! I work with what I got, people! And I figured you could use a laugh this time of year. And honestly, it's not all pretty sunsets and smiles and giggles. Sometimes it's tantrums and tears. 

The above picture was cropped quite a bit. Below is the original. Uncle Travis needs a lesson in framing a shot. Bless him. 

I added a few sweet pictures from a time when you could tickle a smile out of the child. Those days are gone. Lord only knows what next years card will look like. And trust me, I'm saving one from every year! One day, when she's much older and hoping to impress some young man, we'll pull them out and "remember that one time you REFUSED to smile and threw a big ol' fit during a sweet family moment?!" Oh, it's coming! And it's going to be beautiful. 

Until next time...