Saturday, August 29, 2015

We Survived.....Mostly

We had Meet The Teacher this past week. Hallelujah! They're letting her back in! I had a dream mid summer that the director called and said they prayed about it and felt like Alice just didn't fit into their program. I woke up in a panic. However, her teachers were happy to see her. She will be in the class she was in on Wednesday's last year (and for most of May after the biting incident) so while some of the kids will be new, her teachers remained the same. I am so very thankful. I have complete confidence in these teachers. I hope they have a good year.

And I am so thankful she's going back next Tuesday. SO! THANKFUL! 

I LOVE our child, however, I am ready for a break. She is busy, spirited, LOUD, dramatic and determined. And we have been at a battle of wills for the past few weeks. If this is 3 - I'm not going to make it to 4. I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel at all. The dog and I need a vacation. We have been her only playmates for most of the summer and we are SPENT.

We didn't manage to master potty training. I'm hoping that watching the other kids at school will encourage her more. I've decided after we are through this box of diapers, I'm not buying anymore. Lord, be with us. She asks to go but it's usually after she has already gone in her diaper. Sometimes she's super excited about getting on the potty, however, other times it looks like it will be a battle. I'm not physically fighting with my child to get her on the potty. I think it's counterproductive. We shouldn't be miserable and I don't want a fight every time we go to the potty. 

The new battle this week has been getting into her car seat because all of a sudden she thinks she's grown and can ride in the front seat. It is a screaming battle every time I put her in the car. We do not tolerate fits. When she has a tantrum at home - she is sent to her room until she calms down. Every time. However, when we're getting into the car, that's not an option. She screams bloody murder, I scream bloody murder and we fight until she's in her seat. It's so very frustrating. 

Then I feel like the worst mom in the world because I was so horribly impatient with her. It breaks my heart that I've had to yell but I am just so at a loss that I can't see any other option. I feel like Reese Witherspoon's character on Sweet Home Alabama, "why do you make me be mean to you?!" 

Why must a yell for her to HEAR?! For her to OBEY?! 

Kids. They break you.

Our 7th wedding anniversary is on Monday so in an effort to give us some alone time and me a break, she is spending a few days with Nana. We had such a horrible afternoon yesterday that I cried for an hour after she left mainly because I felt like I NEEDED to be away from her and that made me feel like a colossal failure. 

I know I'm not. But still, you feel how you feel. 

I know once school starts and there's a break and a routine, things will settle. I know as she gets older, boundaries will be pushed and we will need to adjust. I know lessons will need to be learned. 

And I know I will find joy in her silliness and her imagination and her happiness. Because she is a very happy kid. Even on days she's fussy and difficult, she's mostly happy. 

Yesterday I frustratingly sent her away and today I miss her. 

We'll end on a happy note because while this week I am tired, I am ALWAYS proud to be her mom. 

Last week we took a sheep picture. I don't post them here as often but I still post them once a month on Facebook. We look at old sheep pictures and she wants to do what Baby Alice is doing. She's grown a bit....


She'll be three in less than a month. This one snuck up on me. 

With school starting next week, I will hopefully have more time to blog. 

Thanks for sticking with us.

Until next time.....

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hello from the Surface of the Sun

It's August in Texas so it's 9 MILLION degrees. This isn't anything new and yet every year we claim, "this is the hottest it's EVER been!" because our ability to forget the heat is a special southern survival gift we possess.

And this week has been MISERABLE. 

Like, 'turn off all the lights, close all the blinds, and hope the sun doesn't creep in an inch' miserable. 

It's the only time you take your showers with only the cold side on because it comes out scorching hot anyway. In several months, I will complain loudly about how long it takes for the hot water to warm up. Only right now, I'd love to wash my hot hands in cold water. 

You avoid any activity in which you need to put any amount of clothes on that goes beyond short shorts and tank tops. And in the event you do decide to dress up, by the time you are ready, you're sweating bullets and no longer in the mood to leave the house. 

I had an errand to run the other day only our outdoor thermometer read 105 degrees in the shade and I said, "nope!! It can't wait!" It went up to 107 before it leveled out. It leveled out at 107. Y'all.

The ground is cracked and leaves are wilting and anything done outside has to be done between the hours of 3am - 6am if you want to avoid melting. Seriously. You will melt. 

This heat makes you cranky and mean and sticky and gross. 

Unless you're an almost 3 year old who doesn't care that it's 9 MILLION degrees. She doesn't think it's hot! She thinks it's PLAY TIME! And she wants to crawl on me and sit on me but it's too darn hot for closeness. Nope. It's the no touching months of summer. The sit-WAY-over-there-and-don't-breathe-on-me days of summer. 

I'm ready for our winter. 

Until it's been cold for like a week and I have to wait 8 YEARS for the hot water to warm up...

Friday, August 7, 2015

Chatting with the Church Dudes

We've had a busy few weeks! It's hot and exhausting. 

This past Tuesday, I invited our friend Marci and her little boy, PJ over for a pool play-date. Alice didn't sleep well and woke up super cranky. Fun times. I had to run an unexpected errand and was already super annoyed when it came time for them to arrive. 

I return from our errand, quickly eat lunch and then go out to fill up the pool. We have a glass screen door so I opened the front door so I could watch from the backyard just in case they arrived. 

While I'm in the backyard, the dog starts barking and Alice is knocking on the back door. I look up and there are two guys waving from the front door. Great. Now I have to talk to people.

I did not do my makeup or my hair and I wasn't even dressed for entertaining. This was going to be an extremely laid back play date. 

As I approach the door, I can tell they're selling Jesus. Only today wasn't a day for Jesus Folk - today was a day for Jonah folk. I get closer to the door and Church Dude #1 says, "I like your shirt!" I'm wearing a neon yellow SCBC shirt that says "Keep Calm and Creek on". Seriously, the shirt is so bright, you might could see it from space. He goes on to add he really likes the Keep Calm stuff. Greeeeaaaat. 

They're from a church in Deer Park and they're just going around the neighborhood to invite us all to worship with them. Church Dude #2 says the other neighbors are Catholic and won't talk to them.

I added, "they're all a little older so that's not surprising."
CD#2, "yeah, and it took them like a long time to come to the door." 

So I'm their target audience. 

CD#1 says they only meet on Saturdays because that's the way it should be and some Emperor changed it. I wasn't really listening so I can't be sure. He also adds their church has people of all ages - singles, married, older, younger, kids! LOTS OF KIDS! 

He adds this because our kid has started her "POOL!!! KIDS!!! POOL!!! KIDS!!!" chant in the background. He asks if the pool is for her, I say, "yes" with all the patience I can muster, "she's expecting a play date and neither of you brought any kids with you. She's a bit disappointed." "POOL!!! KIDS!!!! POOL!!! KIDS!!!! still on repeat in the background. 

CD#1 asks how old she is.
I say, "she's almost 3."
CD#1 says "*insert CD#2's name* has a wife that's pregnant!"
I say, "congratulations!"
CD#2 - "thanks! It's a girl too!"
Me - "congrats, again! And remember, it'll get better."
CD#2 - "That's great news! At what age?"
Me - "We're hoping by the time she's 20."

Without skipping a beat, CD#1 says, "we have people with good senses of humor at our church too!"

And it made grumpy me smile. Touche, Church Dude #1.

Until next time......

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Flower Girl

Aunt Tami is getting MARRIED!!! 

And she wants Alice to be her flower girl. 

I'm a party pooper and I'm not a big fan of young kids in weddings. I think they're an unpredictable distraction. However, I do believe that what a bride wants - she gets. So Alice will be the flower girl. 

We have a little over a year to practice. Thanks goodness. A few weeks ago, in an effort to find a new game, I took apart a fake flower, shoved them in a basket and had Alice walk down the hall. 'Flower Girl' is her new favorite game. She still can't say 'f' so it's 'power girl' to her. 

She thinks it's way too much fun. Our first attempt went well. She would smile and drop some and smile and drop some. We tried a few more times and things went south when she started to try to eat the petals. She usually gives up halfway down the hall and starts spinning and dancing. 

See - an unpredictable distraction. 

Aunt Tami came in last week and got to see her demonstrate her flower girl skills. Here's the video.


My favorite part - "Get out dere, powers!!" Yep.

Tami thinks it's wonderful and thinks it will be totally precious if she does this on the big day. I, on the other hand, will be the mortified matron of honor sweating bullets at the end of the aisle. 

Tami keeps saying, "she'll be 4!" Yeah, that just means she'll have more words and an even better commitment to her own will. I'm not making any promises. 

Until next time....