Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Good, Better, Best

Some Good
After being completely deflated when the college discontinued the program I was in, I took the summer to hang with Alice. During that time I did some research and we looked around and concluded that there are still lots of jobs in Medical Transcription. So I started to look in to other options in regards to training. I found an online program through CareerStep that trained you not only on the transcription part, but also on the editing part. Most transcriptions are being done by computers now, however, someone has to edit what the machine gets wrong. At the end of the training, I will be trained in both. 

So I enrolled. It's all online and work at your own pace. I started in September when Alice went back to school and I am already halfway through. The first half was mostly review from the classes I had already taken. Now I've started the transcription part. It isn't too hard. It's just A LOT. I have a gazillion audio files to get through and I feel like I am making zero progress. I'm working on it while Alice is at school so I have not dedicated the amount of time I should be dedicating to it. (Like right now when I should be doing school but instead I'm blogging. I'm pretending it's warming up my fingers.) My goal is to find more time on the weekends to get through a few. I would LOVE to be finished by the summer. My goal date keeps getting pushed around as I better understand what work needs to be done. This goal date isn't any earlier than what it would be if I was continuing classes at the college so I'm trying to be okay with it. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel - I just can't see it yet. Hopefully I'll see it soon. 

Feeling and Looking Better
We are still doing our diet/exercise program. I'm down 15lbs. I am elated. My Beloved is down more and looks fantastic. While at my check-in appointment with my new Hematologist, he noticed I had lost quite a bit of weight since my last visit. He asked what we were doing and what my goal weight was. I told him I don't really have a goal weight - I just don't want people asking when I'm due anymore. He has an app that figures what your target weight should be and I am apparently 5lbs away from being considered in the 'normal' weight range for my body. BOOYAA!!! I haven't weighed in at "normal" for years! He went on saying that it's a range - 155 could be the top, 140 was still considered normal so I could get down lower. I told him it didn't matter - "you had me at normal." 

We look better, we feel better, and we're dedicated to keeping up with it. Thanks to Pinterest, we have tried lots of diet recipes that have really been tasty! So that's helped. I still give Alice something else or at least the non-diet version of what we're having. She gets regular noodles and white rice, lucky kid. 

The Best Most Recent Example of How We are STILL Unqualified Parents
When Alice gets overly exhausted, it is almost impossible to get her to go to bed. She sobs for hours in protest. HOURS! On January 1st, she was so unbearable, we finally put her on a mat on our floor next to our bed. She finally went to sleep. The next day while my Beloved was picking the mat up Alice came in, looked at it with incredulity, and said, "wus that?" Dada replied, "it's where you slept last night." 

Alice - "nuh uh! I syeep in my own bed!"


This past Sunday, she had another bedtime meltdown. This time, Dada offered to lay on the floor next to her bed until she fell asleep. He does this occasionally when Alice is inconsolable. We have a pack-n-play mattress that slides out from under her baby bed and he lays down until she falls asleep and I wake him up to come to bed. Only Alice decided to lay on the floor with him. 

She FINALLY fell asleep on the floor. The last time we tried to move her from the floor to her bed and that was the wrong decision. Wrong, wrong, wrong. So we looked at her and said she could sleep on the floor.  

At almost 4am, I awake to her crying. I get up, switch the hall light on, open her door, and can't see her. I can hear her crying, "Momma, I stuck! My head!" only she is nowhere to be found. 

Somehow the child had managed to get under her baby bed. Lord, have mercy.

I call for Daniel and proceed to lift the bed. 

My poor groggy husband comes running around the corner to me lifting the baby bed and the groggy child emerging from under it. "What the heck?!" Yep - 'what the heck' about sums it up. 

We get her back to bed and everything settled. 

And the dog who was barking like a maniac last week because the wind blew - slept through his kid crying for help. Didn't even leave his bed when His Man jumped out of his. Stupid dog. 

So that's what's going on here. Maybe when I'm done transcribing my fingers off, I'll have more time to blog. We'll see!

Until next time......

Thursday, January 14, 2016

There better be Zombies next time....

We love our dog.

We love our dog.

We love our dog.

Sometimes we have to be reminded. 

Take this morning for example.

At exactly 3:20 a.m. this fine morning, Atticus started barking his lungs out in the middle of our living room. Like "Satan is at the back door" barking. Like "The Zombie uprising has begun at our fence line" barking. Like "Forget Timmy - the entire city has fallen down the well" barking.

His Man jumps from bed and lets him out to the yard. 

The Woman goes to The Child's room to coax her back to bed. Luckily she hadn't made it too far from her bed before I got to her. With her rubbing her eyes, "why Caticus barking?! He crazy!" Amen, sister. I told her I think he saw a cat. "Oh! He no like cats!" Nope. So back to bed she went with no complaints. Hallelujah. (This is the main reason the dog was allowed to live.)

I close her door and proceed to join my Beloved at the back door. "Do you see anything?" he asks. "No, just our dumb dog sniffing all over the place". We could hear other dogs barking. All I could think was, "15 Dalmatian puppies! Stolen!" (Thanks, Walt.) Side rant - why do dogs choose the most quiet of nights to lose their ever loving minds?! I was sleeping good too! I hadn't slept well in almost 3 days! 

He finishes up protecting the non-threatened perimeter and comes back in all excited wagging his tail - "look! I saved my people!"

No. Sir.

You woke up your people. 

That is NOT a good dog. 

Everyone went back to sleep easily enough. 

Except me. I was thinking about the Zombies. What if only dogs can see the Zombies? We're all screwed! 

So today, every time I catch the dog sleeping - I'm going to run into the room screaming like a maniac. 

This will do nothing but solidify his opinion that His Man's Woman is completely unhinged and has fallen of her rocker yet again. 

But I bet I find it oddly satisfying. 

Until next time......

Monday, January 11, 2016

Alice Goes Potty

For Christmas, instead of Santa bringing her diapers - he brought her panties. She was unimpressed. Her 'scary' fairy, Nixie, also brought her panties. I did not have the camera ready for the Santa reaction, however, Aunt Tami was prepared for the second panty find.


You might wonder why the fictitious characters were the ones to bring her panties. Because her parents didn't want any of that blame! No ma'am! Let her be angry at them! We're no dummies! 

We started potty training the Monday after Christmas with the goal of starting 2016 diaper free.

The first day went about as well as we thought it would.

In nothing but a shirt and a diaper, we put her on the potty every 15-30 minutes. Nothing. 

And then she went on the floor. She did not like that! It only happened twice. Then she started going when we put her on the potty.

Day two was better! She seemed to be getting it.....mostly. There was only one accident. 

Day three we had no accidents! 

She remembered every time to tell us when she needed to go.

We spent New Years eve and day at Nana's. This was going to be a big test because we were going to be away from home and around lots of distracting people. So we packed lots of clothes, expecting lots of accidents. She only had one! That was it! 

She started back to school this week and so far, so good. She told her bff, Chloe that she's a big girl now so she wears panties. And every time she goes - she HAS to tell EVERYONE in the vicinity that she just "pee-peed in da potty!" Bless. 

She had to use the potty at Daddy's school this weekend. She handled that like a pro.

Now with the glitches. 

She only goes when she thinks she's ready to go which could be ALL DAY. It's currently 1:50 pm - she still hasn't gone all day. She's been drinking - but not going. And if she doesn't think she needs to go - besides it being a huge meltdown and possible physical fight - sitting her on the potty is useless. The child will sit there for hours and not go. Her commitment game is strong. This is completely contradictory of how her Daddy operates. I am thankful she has my bladder.

Pooping. She still isn't a big fan of pooping in the potty. She has pooped in her pants twice. When we can tell that's what she is about to do, we put her on the potty and she doesn't do it. She'll hold it until her tummy hurts. I don't know how to fix this. The first time, it wasn't a big deal. However, she did it over the weekend and we were not impressed. 

The biggest potty battle we face is washing her hands. Seriously. It's not hard. It doesn't hurt. But Little Miss Drama has a huge scene every time we tell her to wash her hands. This is also completely contradictory of how her Daddy operates. 

For the few mishaps, she is doing really good. She sleeps in pull-ups mainly because we have them and she's been really good at letting us know when she has to go.  I was in the shower last week and she went all by herself. It made me proud and a little sad. We removed the changing table from the top of her dresser. Now it's just a dresser. It kind of makes me wish we had started earlier. But mostly not.

She's turning in to such a big girl and there is nothing I can do to slow it down. This isn't bad! It's just bittersweet. 

This is her singing on the potty. She sings or reads - it's adorable. 

But we're biased. Mostly we think everything she does is adorable. Mostly.

So we started 2016 diaper free! And we have only had to throw away one pair of pretty panties. We know there will still be some learning and we will have some accidents, but we're pretty proud of how well she's doing. (And I totally understand that by typing these words - I am jinxing everything. You would think I would know better by now. Yeesh.) 

While she does her business, we leave her alone mostly. And sometimes when we come back - we find her like this....

Our silly Little Bitty.

Until next time.....

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Very Merry Christmas

Every Christmas since Alice has been around has been just so magical. This year was no exception. This is the first Christmas that Alice really understood what was going on. She was excited to decorate, she loved the Christmas lights, and the anticipation of presents was palpable. (We spent so many days going to different houses for presents that now every time we are set to go somewhere, she asks, "I get presents?!" Not this time, kid.)

Christmas Eve, we were at mom's for the candlelight service and our family gift exchange. It was a ball, as usual! While at Nana's, she received a cash register and a little wooden make-up set that she ADORES. Now we are either being made over or getting a "keck up". 

We usually spend the night at mom's, however, this year, we came home and brought Aunt Tami and Uncle Travis with us. (My mom works Christmas day - babies don't know it's a holiday.) We got up, found what Santa brought, ate breakfast and opened presents. It was lovely. This was also the first year that Alice showed any interest in opening presents and every present, she reacted with, "oh wow!! I wub it!!" and hugged it to her. So precious.

Santa brought her lots of Play Doh, panties (her reaction was priceless), a turtle toothbrush holder, a Frozen microphone, a pink book, and Dada made her a lap desk.

Everything but the panties were her most "paborite EVER!" 

Christmas day, we headed up to Huntsville for Christmas with Papa and Mawmaw. She gave everyone a make-over with her new play make up set and we talked to Uncle David's goats.

We had a fantastic Christmas with the ones we love. We hope you did too.

Until next time.....