Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Picture Not So Perfect

I'm a stress-er and I'm also a sometimes perfectionist. I get something in my head and I'm sad if it doesn't look JUST how I imagined it. And I'm also crazy so I try to do things like family photos. 

I try to get them early so I'm ahead of the game. Last year, I had outfits and a location and camera and then a sick kid. So we scratched that and just snapped a quick picture of our snotty child at the last minute under our tree. Fa la la la la. 

So this year, I had another plan! We've had a few cute family shots taken throughout the year but Alice has grown SO MUCH that I wanted a more recent one. Thanksgiving day before we ate, I asked Travis to take our picture. Alice apparently thought this was the dumbest idea ever.

Here's attempt number 1.....
....which led to this...

So we took a second to regroup and repose. 

It didn't help.

THIS is the one that made the card. Yep.

Hey! I work with what I got, people! And I figured you could use a laugh this time of year. And honestly, it's not all pretty sunsets and smiles and giggles. Sometimes it's tantrums and tears. 

The above picture was cropped quite a bit. Below is the original. Uncle Travis needs a lesson in framing a shot. Bless him. 

I added a few sweet pictures from a time when you could tickle a smile out of the child. Those days are gone. Lord only knows what next years card will look like. And trust me, I'm saving one from every year! One day, when she's much older and hoping to impress some young man, we'll pull them out and "remember that one time you REFUSED to smile and threw a big ol' fit during a sweet family moment?!" Oh, it's coming! And it's going to be beautiful. 

Until next time...

Sunday, December 7, 2014

More of His & Hers

My Beloved makes me laugh. 
A little back story - while I was home with a teeny, tiny baby, I got hooked on a show called Supernatural. It's about monster fighting brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester. Dean is dreamy. Now to the story.....

The other morning we were getting ready for school when my Beloved commented on how I filled out a pair jeans. He suggested I drop something at school so I would have to pick it up. (This was all in jest, calm down.) I tell him it's nothing but girls in our class but if I saw Dean Winchester I'd give it a try. As he walked in to the living room I added, "and only if it's DEAN WINCHESTER!! I don't want Jensen Ackles!" (the actor who plays him.) 

My Beloved from the living room, "I don't know what 'bits of apples' means!"

I swear. 

We have a pre-lit fake tree. I hint every year that we might need a new one next year. He's adamantly against it. No vision.

Being the team player I am, I mention I saw something I might want to try. It has little lights and I think we should get a strand of larger lights to add to it! He asks if they make tree-safe lights in such a size. I say, "sure! I saw it on Pinterest!" This garners the usual response, "GD pinterest. How do you know they're not a bunch of liars?!" Me - "how dare you say that about my friend!" This results in an eye roll and a "fine! go find bigger lights." 

Well, we're watching TV and a commercial for a super fancy fake tree comes on and I mention that might need to be the one we get. My Beloved doesn't feel the same conviction. I go on to ask how he can make such a judgement, maybe Martha Stuart has one! His straight-faced response, "is Martha who we need to model? She's a convicted felon - I haven't forgotten."

Yeesh, this boy.

I know, I know.
I know I've been neglecting this little space. Life and school got the best of me. Next semester is shaping up to be a bit different so I should have more time. Here's hoping.

I promise to come back and fill you in on a few things you missed. 

I have two finals and then Wednesday, I'm free! For a few weeks anyway. 

Until next time...

Friday, December 5, 2014

Santa, Baby

Long before Alice was born, I saw THE CUTEST Santa picture!! It was of a very tiny sleeping newborn and Santa holding his finger over his mouth like "shh!" SO. CUTE! So, I HAD TO HAVE IT! And our girl was due RIGHT AT THE PERFECT TIME! 

And then Alice was born two and half months early and we were super paranoid about germs so we didn't get anywhere near a mall her first Christmas. So much for that.

So the next Christmas came around and I knew she needed to see Santa. (Disclaimer: I KNOW she doesn't NEED to see Santa, like she doesn't NEED to stand in Bluebonnets. But as her mother, it's my job to subject her to such things.) 

I'm a Santa snob. I won't settle for just any Santa - the beard needs to be real, he needs to have rosy cheeks and he needs to have a real belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly. And I said I would NEVER take her to Bass Pro shop; I want a Santa in RED, not camo. 

We took her to three different places and there was no Santa! Moody Gardens Festival of Lights - two different times! Both times - NO SANTA!! It was comical really. My Beloved will tell you it was NOT comical because he married a crazy person and that's mostly true. We tried one more time before we gave up. 

A second Christmas and still no Santa. What kind of mother am I?!

So this year, we had a plan! We had to go to Katy to pick something up and we were taking her to Katy Mills Mall and she was going to finally get the chance to be traumatized by Santa!! THIS WAS THE YEAR! We got to the mall around 5:30pm and walked the ENTIRE mall before we found the Santa stand......empty. Apparently Santa doesn't come to work until 7:05pm. Y'all. 

Luckily, attached to Katy Mills Mall is a Bass Pro shop.......yep. 

This is as close to Santa as the child would get. She had a death grip on Dada and she was not letting go. At least she isn't screaming! And she managed to keep the bow in her hair! Granted it's on the side of her head you can't see. And the girl taking the pictures thought she was so cute she gave her a stuffed animal. Now she's carrying around a cat that's half her size.

It stared at me all through dinner....

But, I can at least say she's met Santa!

Until next time......

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Check Ups, Tantrums and a C!

Alice and I both had check-ups last week! Fun times! 

Tuesday, I met with my Rheumatologist for my routine 6 month check in and blood work. I'm an unusual patient because I'm low maintenance. The medication I'm taking seems to be keeping my symptoms at bay so we usually just get to visit. 

The appointments are always very entertaining. First, they weigh you. Every time. I think this is a bit unnecessary. I get on the scale, it blinks and then says "E". I'm pretty sure this is not the first time I've had this happen. E as in Elephant. E as in Enough. I look at the nurse with raised eyebrows. She says it's because I'm wiggling. I tell her if it does it again she's going to have to guess my weight and find me a bag of powered doughnuts. And THEN she takes my blood pressure, which is a little elevated. "Do you have new stress?" asks the nurse. Well, let's see, a few hours prior to this appointment I took my very first A&P test. And let me tell you, I did the review sheet, studied all 8 pages over and over again all weekend and I walked in to the test and recognized the title of the test....and that's about it. Seriously. It's like I studied Spanish for a German test. It was one of those that you look at the first question and think, "oh okay, so we're going to wing it!" Yep. I could have stayed for the grade - no thank you - and instead prayed for a 'c'. (I got a 70, by the way. I have never been so happy to see a 70 in my life! The girl next to me got a 34.) And the nurse is asking if I have new stress. Add to that a study group from Hades and it's a wonder it wasn't higher. 

Anyway, the doctor didn't seem concerned. She has a son around Alice's age so we share survival skills. She will openly admit that she is the mom who let's her child have whatever he wants. She said she learned early that if she wants to make it to 40, he has to get what he wants. No matter what. He wins. He has broken her.

And I find this horribly encouraging. 

This well educated woman, this medical professional is felled by a toddler. 

See, it happens to everyone! Isn't that great to know?! 

Toddlers - they just break you. 

Alice + 2 = momma is going to need LOTS MORE WINE. Her tantrums and dedication and expression of her feelings have tripled. And I've adjusted REALLY quickly to having her in Mother's Day Out. So much so that on Monday's when it's just us all day, by noon I'm spent. SPENT. Yeesh.

Wednesday, we met with her doctor for her 24 month well baby. She is 33.5 inches tall and weighs in at 23.5 pounds. She doesn't seem to care for the medical professionals AT ALL, however, she LOVES the dog photos they have in their exam rooms. 

Growth wise, there is no concern. However, she is still not using words. We KNOW she knows words. We have no concerns when it comes to her hearing or understanding. She is bright and understanding but it would be nice if she used her words. Since she is two, she is still eligible for assistance through ECI so we have an evaluation scheduled in a few weeks to find out if speech therapy is something she can benefit from. 

I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, I understand kids grow at their own pace. And I KNOW she knows words. She responds to direction, she knows what you're telling her and she knows who people are by name. A part of me knows she'll talk in time and there's nothing to worry about.

But there's a little, very quiet part of me that worries I've failed her. It's just a tiny voice, but it's there. "Maybe I don't read to her enough." "Maybe I should not give in and MAKE her say please." Although we've had this battle and her will is strong where mine is weak. I'm not interested in having a staring contest with a toddler over the word 'open'. I know this is misplaced guilt I've created myself but that doesn't mean it isn't mine. 

I spent my elementary education going to speech a few times a week because I struggled with my 'r' sounds. It's not embarrassing. it just is. It was nothing my parents or teachers did wrong. It was just something I struggled with. So it's irrational for me to think her aversion to words is somehow my fault. It's actually probably selfish too. But there it is. 

So I get to work on my A&P grade and Alice gets to work on her words. We'll see how it all works out.

Until next time.....